Beef Cattle


Beef production continues to grow in the local area as the dairy herd transformation evolves. Lime Ridge Ag has a great supplier partner in beef production management. The primary focus is around a “prescribed” feed management system that provides ration work, feedlot management consultation, and feedlot financial and feedstuff accounting. This system has been in place for 12-15 years and we personally have seen the benefits of prescribed feeding, implant strategies, and feedlot accounting in local partnerships we have been involved with.

With all the different diets required for beef feeding, we have a large supply of various feed products. From the cow herd to the finishing groups, we have a supply of various minerals with various medicated or non-medicated options, and multiple protein supplements with various medication options including non-medicated. Whatever the producer is seeking, we can provide the proper product to match the need.

We also have provided custom feed blends for several county fair beef champions. Be sure to ask about the products we can blend to give your animal the bloom it can win with!