Dairy Calf Heifer

Here at Lime Ridge Ag we understand the value of your future and when it comes to raising, caring and feeding for calves we strive to provide an elite line of products! Research shows us that the first eight weeks of your calves life sets the stage for what she will do when she reaches the milking herd. Doubling birth weight, reaching grain intakes early, providing sound health management practices are thing at Lime Ridge Ag we can help you with. We have staff and sales reps on hand that are equipped and up to date on calf needs. Call and talk with any of our staff member and put us to work for you! 608.986.2626

Newborn to Weaning

CCT Gold Colostrum Replacer is an effective way to assure passive transfer of immunity. CCT Gold is 120 IgG and is recommended when adequate colostrum isn’t available. Colostrum management is the first and easiest way to get your baby started right! Don’t miss your chance, great product, big results!


Incredi Blend Milk Replacer

A non medicated 20/20 milk replacer with MOS. Easy mixing and a great warmer weather replacer providing all the nutrients to help your little ones keep growing. This one is very economical!!


Incredi Blend Milk Replacer 22/20

Performance at its BEST!! This all milk replacer provides calves with a great start. Higher protein and 20% on the fat provides earlier grain intakes to enhance rumen development. Product contains Decox and MOS. This powder mixes great! Surely to get your calves a healthy start.


Incredi Blend Milk Replacer 28/14

For those who want to push the line!! Here is the powder designed to help you do that along with being priced to use! This all milk, non-medicated powder contains MOS and provides easy mixing!


LRAS Calf 22%

Looking for the best? – start here! Lime Ridge Ag offers calf starters that are formulated for the developing rumen! Steam flaked corn and steam flaked barley along with an expanded pellet for huge digestibility! Rumensin medicated and fed through weaning! Here is an extra special starter for your little ones in your operation!!


LRAS Calf 20%

“the Cadillac” version of calf starter! Steam flaked corn and steam flaked barley, expanded pellet for maximum digestibility. Rumensin medicated formulated to be fed through weaning. Consistency and palatability at its best! 3 ingredients = Big Intakes!


LRAS 18% Calf

Specially formulated low fine product with air dried corn and oats. Rumensin medicated. Fed post weaning through 1st social blend. Low fine formula calves love it– consistency in every bite!!


Weaning to 20 weeks old (400#)

LRAS 18% Calf

Specially formulated low fine product with air dried corn and oats. Rumensin medicated.   Fed through 400#

Dry Corn Option

Roll and blended with pellet for desired intake level.

38% R160 Grower Pellet R blend with rolled corn and molasses. Economics at it finest!

400# to 700# (yearlings)

LRAS 16%

Dried corn, oats, pellet mix with Rumensin. Economics with all the nutrients they need!

Corn High Moisture or Dry Rolled processed with:

37% Elite R300 protein pellet with rumensin, blend with corn or topdress.


Yearling to Prefesh

-LR Heifer Fortifier Mineral with rumensin.


Prefresh Heifer Group

-Dry Cow Booster Mineral with mag sulfate, hi calcium, added vitamins

-Dry Cow Base Pellet with low DCAD ingredients and limited protein to balance with corn silage and higher DCAD forages.