Dairy Milk Cows

Dairy -Milk Cows

Lime Ridge Ag has large selection of feedstuffs for the common dairy in Wisconsin. Because there are so many different combinations of forages on the farm, we must have this large selection for proper nutrient selection in ration balancing. When we first built the commodity shed in 1994, it was thought we’d never fill it. Since that time we’ve added to it two different times, nearly doubling the capacity. And still struggle with having adequate space. The primary bulk ingredients are hi-pro soybean meal, expelled soy, corn gluten feed, porcine meat and bone meal, porcine blood meal, corn distillers, soy hulls, roasted beans, linseed meal, and whole fuzzy cottonseed. We also have ground corn, bulk calcium carbonate, bulk soda bicarbonate, and bulk ‘Nutra Cor” dry palm-oil fat source.

At our facility we weigh out by hand the smaller micro ingredients and place them into the bottom of a 6 ton batch mixer. Our mixer is mounted on state certified scales making the weighing and mixing process one–step. After adding the larger volume bulk protein or energy sources, we can apply the liquid feed supplements or choice white grease for palatability enhancement or energy density. Then it’s off to a truck for farm delivery. We have several bulk feed trucks ranging from a small 10 ton single axle truck for tight spots up to 24 ton quad axle trucks.

Lime Ridge Ag has dairy nutrition consultants on staff, and a superior nutrition support network from two of our vendor partners. We also will provide a custom mix designed to meet your consultant’s specifications. Our employees pride themselves in a “no-substitution policy” for feed blends. If we run out of an ingredient, we make a smaller batch and deliver twice if needed. Also there is no change in formulation unless requested by the consultant, either ours or yours. What you order is what you get.