Lime Ridge Ag is quite familiar with the particular needs of swine as it pertains to swine biosecurity. We also have a great business partner for swine nutrition, integrating, and commercial marketing. Tim has been involved in all these facets of swine production on a personal basis having owned and operated a 3000 head wean-finish site from 2004 thru 2012.

For best consistency in grain processing including proper particle size, we use a two pair high roller mill very capable of getting to your specific requirements. However we still maintain the powder producing hammer mill of the old days. We mainly use the fine grind for dry corn in high producing dairy cows.

To accommodate the needs of some producers, we offer custom grain drying and storage on site. We can store up to about 300,000 bu of corn in Lime Ridge. Currently we commonly deliver about 30 miles from Lime Ridge and on occasion out to 60 miles. We have a fleet of about five bulk delivery trucks ranging from 10-24 ton payload to fit most volume needs and we can designate one truck to one hog farm site upon request.

Booking of ingredients is a possibility as well to control risk in soymeal and or corn in these volatile times. Pelleted high milk pre-starters, starters, and grower feeds are available in bags or in bulk with a 48 hour notice. Feed budgets can be prepared ahead of time to attain and maintain a farm-specific protocol for the benefit of both producer and mill operation. Multiple medication options may help prevent that “break” you experience on a 24# pig moving to the 3rd “stage” pellet.

When it comes to the “Show Pig” we have had the fortune of working with a local swine breeder for very high powered hog show feed line. We’ve fed multiple local county fair grand champions. Disease issues may someday curb all the fairs to prevent the sometimes all–to-easy spread of them. Until that time, feel comfortable we have a show-winning formula for