In September of 2014 we entered a new office and display area located at the corner of Schuette and Minor Streets. It is attached to the “Commodity Shed” building where most of our bulk feeds are made. This added area dramatically enhanced the space we have for our staff and additional products floor stocked. In the near future we will be unveiling the new mill at the opposite end of the offices. This will present a vast improvement to overall customer service as we will have all employees in very close proximity to the primary customer loading areas.

With the new space, we have introduced a premium pet food line with Victor Brand pet foods which are in stock and available upon request. The additional space has allowed for not only the pet foods but more products for Show livestock, animal health, and small volume purchases. We have added “Show Feed” items from ADM and Biozyme Specialty products. See Denise in the office for any questions relating to the Victor line, and Rhiannon for any of the specialty products.

We stock items for sheep, goats, poultry, ducks and geese, turkeys and pheasants. Each Spring we take orders for chicks also. You can see the office staff for prices, species, availability, and delivery dates. We have shavings and electrolytes and feeders, waterers and heat lamps for the chicks as well! Stop in and spend a little time browsing and asking questions to our staff. We will do our best to meet your needs.