Lime Ridge Ag is proud to be affilated with great partners. We strive to bring services and products to you to ensure customer satisfation. The following have products available through Lime Ridge Ag.

This page is under construction check back to see new information soon!


Lime Ridge Ag Supply Floor Stocked Products:


LRAS 20% Calf * Rumensin

LRAS 22% Calf * Rumensin

LRAS 18% Calf * Rumensin

LRAS 16% Calf * Rumensin

LRAS 16% Layer

Helti 15% Hog

LRAS 14% Horse

LRAS 13% Horse

LRAS Chick Grower

CHETO 21% Hog (Stocked Seasonaly)

LRAS 15% All Stock

LRAS Steer Mineral

LRAS Heifer Mineral with Rumensin

When our new Mill is up and running we will have more floor stocked products! They will be coming soon!


NRV Milk Replacers

Nutra Melk 20/20 With Moss

Nutra Melk 22/20 With Moss & Deccox

Gen III Lyte Electrolyte


SmartLic Products

Several years back we started offering a very high quality solid (taffy-style) feed supplement in a 60#, 125#, or 250# metal returnable tub. The SmartLic lineup has been very consistent in quality and consistency from season to season and year to year. We can purchase a lower priced product, but have a lot of issues with feed consumption rates, foreign material in the block, and a block that may roll over and dump out on the ground or soften with rain. Lime Ridge Ag inventories the SmarLic blocks for equine, dairy, beef, and goat in various formulations and sizes. Volume pricing is something one can inquire about! Stop in and give these a try!


We are currently carrying the following fly control tubs:

SmartLic Protein Tub NE-22 IGR

SmartLic MinLic IGR

Other available SmarLic tubs:


Protein Tub NE-22

Protein Tub NE-30


DryLic LS

Goat 20N


SmartLic HorseLic:

HorsLic Omega Elite 13% Protein 15% Fat 3% Fiber

HorsLic Senior 13% Protein 12% Fat 3% Fiber


Big Gain Products

14% Equine Comp 9054

14% Calf Creep 1867

19%Lamb Text 9012

30% Equine Supp 9050

5850LR VTM 5850

5870 VTM 5870

ADE Crumble 5660

Broiler Developer 7601

Broiler Starter 7620

Cattlemaker 34 1934

Chromium Add Pack 4810

Cocci Guard 6020

Complete Layer 7505

Coproduct(vfd) 1951

Dairy Blend 44 2231

Dry Cow 3/4 2529

Dry Cow Fortifier 5672

Duck Goose Turkey Feed 711

E Selenium Fort 5666

Eli37Dec 1840

Eli37Ruty(vfd) 1841

Eli37R300 1835

Feedlot Starter D460 1710

Finisher Base 4737

FM3x1 5760

Game Bird 7980

Goat Mineral Meal 5077

Heifer Fortifier 5649

HeifMin Pellet(appl) 5303

High Risk Calf Starter 1748

Kid/Goat Grower 9252

Kid/Goat Starter 9251

Lamb Creep 20% 9000

Lamb Finisher 9004

Lamb Grower 9003

Lamb Milk M387

Lactomoss55# 301

Lactating Goat 18% 9200

LR Calf Base 2179

LR Dry Cow Base 5250

LR Dry Cow Pellet 5186

Phase 1 Mecadox 3011MXA

Phase 2 Mecadox 3012MXA

Phase 3 Mecadox 3013MXB

Phase 4 Mecadox 3014MXB

Show Pig 50-120LB 3301

Show Pig 120-200LB 3302

Show Pig 200-280LB Paylean 3304

Rabbit Pellets 9052

Gainmaster 2613(vfd) 1770

GM2613R155 1771

Gainmaster 5535(vfd) 1707

ELI5535R400 1708

Stage 1 Show Sheep 8999

Stage 2 Show Sheep 9006

Swine Breeder Pak 4800

Eli 25% Gluten Base (vfd) 1754

Eli25r500 1756

Eli 25% Gluten Base MGA 1755

TM Salt sel & Vits 5060

Total Calf 20% 2105

Total Calf MR 24/20bov M660

Total Calf MR 22/20dec M394

BG Cattle Mineral 5535

BG Summer Mineral/ctc 5549

BG Breeding Mineral 5555

BG High Preformance Breeding Mineral 5550